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June 24, 2012


Just wanted to update my journal here...I've been on vacation the last couple weeks, so I have to catch up on my messages and stuff!  Also just noticed that I am only a few watchers away from getting one thousand watchers.  One thousand watchers?!  That's awesome!  I didn't even realize it was getting that high!  You guys are the best, seriously.  Super big thanks to everyone who watches or faves or comments or whatever, because it's all you wonderful people who make this all worthwhile and keep me drawing.

So!  To celebrate this momentous occasion I'm adding more prizes to the kiriban.  Kinda like last time--whenever 44,444 happens, the one person who catches it first will get a drawing like this of any character of their choosing and two other lucky winners who catch the closest numbers to 44,444 first (like if you get 44,443 or 44,445) will each win a drawing like this of any character.  So stay tuned for the 44,444 pageview whenever that happens, and if you catch it or catch very close to it leave a comment in this journal with a link to the screenshot for a chance to win!

Thanks again and good luck everybody :D
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ScruffyScribbler Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
1008 watchers by my count. as for page views, i have no clue how to see those. maybe only premium members can? no clue... either way, looking forward to more art! you should have plenty to put up since you were on vaycay! hop to it! ;)
Ah so I have crossed 1000! Awesome! When I wrote the journal I think I was at like 998. And the pageviews should just be on the main profile page in the lighter bar, maybe halfway across the screen. It shows the number of deviations, then comments, then right now it says 41,599. Even if you're not logged in and just looking at the page it should show the numbers. And I did do some sketching at least whilst on vacation, if I don't deem them deviantart worthy I'll definitely stick them on my tumblr [link]

Thanks so much :D
ScruffyScribbler Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, they don't show up for me. hmmm... I chose when I created this "don't care about pageviews" cause I thought it was about me and my views - knowing i will never see giant numbers. maybe that shut off ALL pageviews. thanks, i'll look into it.

bookmarking the artblog...
Anytime your work is awesome. =)
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