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Hey, sorry everybody, I've been slacking on deviantArt lately and only just realized we are really really close to the next landmark pageview number: 66,666!  

So yeah if you see that number pop up take a screenshot of it, upload it into scraps or wherever, and LEAVE A COMMENT IN THIS JOURNAL ENTRY with the link to the screenshot.  Please don't send me notes with links, and please don't cheat!  Whoever catches the 66,666 pageview (or the one closest to it) will win a digital half bod drawing by me of any character they choose.

Thanks again, and good luck everybody :D (Big Grin)
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Anybody else going to NYCC that would like some of my art?!  I've decided that I'll be bringing a good amount of little postcard sized prints that I'll give away for FREEEEE!!!  Or if anybody wants a bigger print of anything feel free to ask (medium prints are $5, large are $10) or some original art I can totally do that too!  Here's what I'll do for the show:  

Sketches -

  • little artist sketch card size for $1 (wow so cheap! they're super small)
  • postcard size 5x7 bust for $5
  • full page size 8x10 half bod for $10

Color Illustration - 

  • little artist sketch card size for $10
  • postcard size bust for $25
  • full page size half bod for $40

So if anybody wants anything shoot me a note or an email ( and we can meet up at the show!  I'll be hanging out and seeing the sights Thursday through Saturday.  It's gonna be awesome!

Thanks much!

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Big thank you to everyone who was at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show over the weekend and stopped by my table!  I had a great time—it was an awesome con with lots of awesome people!  

And wow I just realized we are super close to the next landmark pageview number: 55,555!  Wow that's a big number!  Thanks for all the hits, you guys!

So yeah if you see that number pop up take a screenshot of it, upload it into scraps or wherever, and leave a comment IN THIS JOURNAL ENTRY with the link to the screenshot.  Please don't cheat!  Whoever catches the 55,555 pageview (or the one closest to it) will win a digital drawing by me of any character they choose.

Thanks again, and good luck everybody :D

EDIT: Kiriban Winners!

Congrats to :iconsquirrelkitty76: for catching the 55,555 page view and to :iconmorpheus-cf: for coming very close!  You guys can BOTH have prizes!

Thanks again everybody!  Next contest will be at the 66,666 mark.
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Just a reminder everybody, I've got a table at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show… in Reading, PA next weekend!  I've got a lot of prints to sell and I'll be drawing while I'm there so come say hi if you're in the area!

Thanks much :D
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First off, I've been meaning to say thanks to everybody who bought prints before…so thanks!  I'm not selling anything online anymore, so the only place you guys can get prints is at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show… in Reading, PA.  I've got a table at the show for the weekend of April 6 and 7, so if anyone's in the tri state area feel free to stop by!  I've got a lot of new prints and stuff to sell, and I'll have my markers and colored pencils so I can draw stuff while I'm there.  If anyone decides they're definitely going and would like a drawing feel free to shoot me a message and I'll start a pre-con commission list—that worked pretty well for me last year since it gives me some time to work on the illustrations before the actual show.

If you can stop by and say "hello!"  Thanks so much :D
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Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year everybody!

I've officially changed my deviantart name to be my actual name--it's something I've been meaning to do to make this page more legit I guess since I have yet to make an actual website for myself.  Also shooto apparently is some mixed martial arts group or something, and I'm obviously not associated with any of that.  I've always used shoot-o because in school that's how I would explain/write my last name so people would say it right and it just kinda stuck.  So Sciuto = shoot-o pronunciation-wise, and that is the explanation for that in case anyone was ever wondering  :D

Commissions are still open for a few more spots (I haven't quite gotten overwhelmed just yet, thanks for that!) and the prints I'll keep on sale until the week of January 20—after that if anybody wants anything it'll have to come from a con, and I've only got one coming up in April that's in PA somewhere.  So yeah get 'em now while you can!  The 11x17 batgirl pieces are almost all gone, and the Neo Victorian ones are going fast (Catwoman is completely sold out).  And remember if you spend $20+ you totally get a free sketch with your purchase!  

Rather than reiterate commission/prints details, just look here at the old journal for a refresher.  

Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays!
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I'm opening up for commissions and selling prints for a limited time, like until the end of the year.  (I can't believe it's December already...happy holiday times, everybody!)

For commissions I'm ONLY doing one style—half bods inked and colored in Photoshop, like these:

Miss America by msciuto Sailor Moon by msciuto Robin: Damian by msciuto

Single characters are $20, $30 for two characters in one piece.  These can be existing characters or OCs, and reference (especially for the latter) is much appreciated.  Not sure how many spots I'll open up for commissions, but I'll just see how crazy things get and go from there.  Payments can be made through paypal, just shoot me a note or an email at to let me know what you'd like and we'll go from there!

And I've finally taken an inventory of everything I've got print-wise after cons and stuff, so I figured I'd throw it all up here at once for anyone who wants to make a purchase.  Quantities are limited with some of these prints and I really only want to sell until the end of the year, so if you want something act fast!  I'm doing another con in April and I just kinda want to clear out some of the old stuff and see what still sells before I get new things printed up.  Whenever I do cons I pretty much have no idea what's going on and always manage to be ridiculously unprepared, so hopefully this year I'll do better.  We'll see.

So yeah if anyone is interested just check out what I've got here and shoot me a note here or an email at the aforementioned address.  Prices and available prints are as follows:

11x17 Poster Prints
$10 each, 3 for $23

8.5x11 Neo Victorian Prints
$5 each, 3 for $13

8.5x11 Prints
$5 each, 3 for $13

5x7 Prints
$1.50 each, 5 for $5

Spend $5 or more, get any one 5x7 print FREE
Spend $10 or more, get any three 5x7 prints or one 8.5x11 print FREE
Spend $20 or more, get a crazy colored pencil sketch of whatever character you'd like FREE

Shipping is $3 in the US, $5 elsewhere.  Purchases that include posters will be shipped through USPS from Jersey in a mailing tube and ones with just smaller prints will be shipped in a flat envelope.  All payments can be made through paypal.  

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or wants to barter seriously just let me know!  Thanks much :D
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Alright so the 44,444 pageview has come and gone, and I can't thank you guys enough for getting me this far!  Apparently 44,444 officially popped up sometime very very early this morning (Eastern Time) and :iconchocolate-pretzels: was the lucky winner who caught it!  Congratulations!  And as I said two runners up get prizes too, but since only four people participated (one via note) I didn't want to leave anybody out so congrats also goes to :iconpyrotwilight: :iconhappy-gurl: and :iconspoiler-ticket: for catching random pageviews that were kinda close.  Everybody wins!  Yay!

Thanks again you guys!  Your next chance to win is the 55,555 kiriban, whenever that happens :D
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Just a reminder, the 44,444 page view is quickly approaching and prizes will be won!  First place gets a detailed digital drawing, two places closest and quickest after that get scribbly digital drawings.  Just take a screen cap and link it in a comment in this journal and I'll announce the winners whenever it happens.

Thanks and good luck everybody :D
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Well I finally have a legit store for my prints

I'm just playing with it for now so only a few pieces are up and quantities are limited, but more will come if it's somewhat successful!  We'll see how it goes.  If anyone has any questions about it or if there's a specific piece someone would like to see printed let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Thanks much :D
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Just wanted to update my journal here...I've been on vacation the last couple weeks, so I have to catch up on my messages and stuff!  Also just noticed that I am only a few watchers away from getting one thousand watchers.  One thousand watchers?!  That's awesome!  I didn't even realize it was getting that high!  You guys are the best, seriously.  Super big thanks to everyone who watches or faves or comments or whatever, because it's all you wonderful people who make this all worthwhile and keep me drawing.

So!  To celebrate this momentous occasion I'm adding more prizes to the kiriban.  Kinda like last time--whenever 44,444 happens, the one person who catches it first will get a drawing like this of any character of their choosing and two other lucky winners who catch the closest numbers to 44,444 first (like if you get 44,443 or 44,445) will each win a drawing like this of any character.  So stay tuned for the 44,444 pageview whenever that happens, and if you catch it or catch very close to it leave a comment in this journal with a link to the screenshot for a chance to win!

Thanks again and good luck everybody :D
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Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Super Wild Pig Show on Saturday!  It was a lot of fun and I met some really awesome people.  Tom and I even did some advertising for the big project we've been working on, and I'll definitely be posting stuff for that shortly.  I have prints left over too and no cons coming up in the near future, so I'll try to sell them online...stay tuned if you're interested!  I'm might look into BigCartel or something like that so it's easier to sell stuff.

Also the 44,444 page view is quickly approaching!  That is the next kiriban to look for, and the lucky person who catches it and links it in a comment in this journal (please don't cheat!) will win a digital drawing of any character of their choosing.  I'm only having one winner this time, so good luck everybody :D
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So it's kinda last minute, but I recently found out that I will have a table in Artist Alley at the "Super Wild Pig Show"… on Saturday, May 5--Free Comic Book Day!  So if anyone is in the area come visit me in Piscataway, NJ!  I'll hopefully be able to promote a big project that I'm excited to be working on.  Oh and I'll bring my colored pencils too so I can color for everybody :D

Thanks much!
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Harley and Hyenas by msciuto

I loved working on this piece so very much that I actually had an 11x17 print made for myself and it looks AWESOME!  So my question is if I were to say have a bunch of these printed and I got like those mailing tube things to send them out in, would anybody be willing to dish out $15 for a print of "Harley and Hyenas"?  I haven't done prints this big in a while, but if this works out I can definitely look into getting more pieces printed too.  If anyone's interested let me know!

Thanks you guys :D
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UPDATE: I wasn't sure if it would happen on Christmas but it totally did!  Congrats and thanks to everyone who spent Christmas morning refreshing my page :D

There are four winners in total: the two big winners :iconfaeries-and-phantoms: and :iconkalacyn: , and the two close runner ups were :iconraikotoho: and :iconandalitegirlxoxax:  I'll be doing their prizes in the coming weeks.  

Hope everybody had a nice holiday and hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:

First off thanks so much to everyone who's been commissioning me!  The special is still available if anyone else is interested:

I've also noticed that we're getting ever closer to the next big pageview kiriban, 33,333!  The lucky deviant who catches it and comments first in this journal post with a legit screencap link will win a digitally inked and colored drawing of any character they choose.  Awesome!  That said, I would also like to throw an additional little bit to this kiriban contest.  The holidays are coming (yay!) so I'm in an extra generous mood--if the 33,333 kiriban hits on Christmas Eve or Christmas the big winner still gets the aforementioned drawing, but four other lucky winners who catch the next closest pageviews will all win a scribbly fadeaway drawing like the ones I do for the Batgirls series!  So say it's Christmas day and my pageview is on like 33,331, be sure to catch it and comment in this journal with the link and you just might be a winner too!  And there will be no duplicate winners so don't try to catch like five in a row and send them to me--it'll be the big winner and four different other winners who comment first with the closest numbers either below or above the 33,333 kiriban.

Hope this makes sense, and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask.  Good luck everyone and Happy December :D
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So I am officially opening up again, but only with one particular style--the 5x7 traditionally colored with marker and pencil illustrations.  I recently came into a huge amount of awesome, already cut card stock to work on and I figured I'd put it to good use.  Also these are my favorite pieces to do because they can be finished fairly quickly and they always come out great.  Here are the available specials:

:bulletblack: $20 gets you one 5" x 7" traditional illustration, three postcard size prints, and a fancy handmade envelope for them to safely travel in while they are shipped to you wherever you live.  For the prints you can choose any three of the postcards that I have readily available, or if you'd like a copy of anything else out of my gallery just let me know--I can get just about anything printed up for you and it would be my pleasure to do so.  

:bulletblack: $15 gets you a digital scan of the 5" x 7" illustration.  That is all.

Ten by msciuto Ariel by msciuto Flamebird by msciuto
Steph and Damien by msciuto Damian Wayne by msciuto
Batwoman by msciuto

The above prices are for any single character illustration, be they from comics or movies or cartoons or original or whatever.  If it's an original character or if there's a specific costume design or something you'd like I only ask that you send reference or a detailed description--that helps very much.  Add another character to either special for another $5, and with the first deal you can get a few more little prints for an extra dollar each.  Payments can be made ahead of time preferably through Paypal, but I can totally take other manners of payment if need be.  

At this point I'm not sure how many spots I'll have open, but I would like to keep this going through holiday times.  These could make great little gifts--the illustrations are super easy to frame and you can always just tape the prints to your walls like I do!  Just send me a note here or an email to of what you'd like!

Thanks so much :D
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Just popping in to say thanks to everyone who's been commissioning me and buying stuff from me and being overall awesome :D  

That being said, I'm closing up for commissions again just for a little while.  I've got a lot that I'm working on already and then I'm going on vacation this week.  AND as soon as I get back I start my new legit job as a Production Artist.  Yay!  So anyone I've been corresponding with already I will get back to you and finish your commissions when I get back.  As long as you've come to me with an idea and I said "yes I can do that" then you're good.  

Thanks again very much for your support, and I hope everyone has a great summer :D
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I'm officially opening up for commissions again!  Check out the "Commissions" box on my profile for examples of the many different styles that will be available and the costs that go with them.  If anyone is interested or has any general questions or requests that may not be specified here please feel free to shoot me a note or comment in this journal or email me at  Prints are still for sale too!  I've been selling quite a bit, so be sure to get some before they sell out!

Also between all this moving and crap, I've come to realize that I have a lot of art just laying around.  I usually trash or just burn old sketches, but finished pieces I keep and do nothing with.  So if anyone has any particular interest in any of the traditional pieces in my gallery that aren't specified as commissions or gifts or whatever let me know--I'm willing to barter.  Help save pieces like these from collecting dust in a box under my bed:

Uhura and Spock by msciuto Liz and Hellboy by msciuto Amidala by msciuto Joker and Harley by msciuto Emma Frost by msciuto

Again just shoot me a note or a comment or an email me if you're interested.  Thanks much :D
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First off thanks very much for everyone who stopped by my table at Granite Con this past Sunday--I had a great time and met a bunch of really awesome people.  I do have prints left over, so if anyone's interested in purchasing let me know.

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: PRINTS :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:  

Neo Victorian 8x10 Prints
$5 each

Postcard 5x7 Prints
1 for $1.50, 3 for $3.75, 5 for $5.50, 7 for $7.25, 10 for $10, or a baker's dozen for $12

I can take payments through paypal, with no extra charge for domestic shipping--I only tack on a few extra bucks for out of US shipping--and each purchase comes with a specially made, very secure envelope because paper crafts are fun.

Also!  I'm hoping to finish existing commissions very soon, so once I'm moved and settled back in NJ next week I'll get my price list up.  I'll need something to keep me busy and fiscally stable since I've quit both my jobs and am currently looking for a new one...

So stay tuned for those commission slots, but feel free to note or email me for those prints!  Thanks much :D
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After having such an awesome time last year, I will once again be participating in the Granite State Comic Con!  So if anyone's in the Manchester, NH area on Sunday, May 15th stop on by and visit my table in Artist's Alley.  I've got a whole bunch of new prints in all different sizes going for very low prices--like Victorian Batgirls $5 each!  I'll also be bringing my pencils and markers so I can do some drawings like… while I'm there.  How exciting!  

I hope at least a few people come to see me, and thanks much in advance for you support :D
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